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Better work stories?


I, like the rest of the world, have been closely following the so-called “Roast Busters”(better name, child rapists) case. A lot of what I want to talk about has been said by people far better than me. But I have been asked to write about it, from a rape survivors perspective. I have thought long and hard about it, and while I have written a lot on twitter, this is still an hard post to write. This will be personal, in-articulate, and contain a lot of links.

Firstly; to those condemning the girls who are supporting the rapists, I have this to say. The girls said “It’s just normal teenage boy behavior”. Think about that. Really think about it. These are young girls who think that this is normal. Our own Prime Minister said the boys needed to “grow up”. Not be put in prison. But to grow up. Oh well, boys will be boys. This is how fucking NORMAL this is. This, my dears, is Rape Culture in action. It’s not being made up by crazy feminists. It’s not a academic exercise. This is children normalizing gang rape. I doubt I could find a better example of what rape culture is.

To the (mainly male) media and police (who I will get to in more depth in a moment) questioning sobriety, and clothing choices; really? REALLY? God. How fucking trite. Could you please change the record? Could you listen to what you are saying? Are you telling me that you see a girl in a short skirt and decide to rape her? Are you telling me all men are rapists just waiting for a girl to pass out? Seriously? I can’t even be fucked writing more about how ridiculous and pathetic this line of questioning is. Its been written a million times, and I’m sick of it. Just fuck off with your bullshit.

I have heard a few questions about the reason for mentioning the 13 year old survivor was a virgin. We know why they are asking this is to explain she wasn’t a slut, and it wasn’t her fault. Ick. But I think it is worth mentioning for a different reason; it adds a new level of trauma. Can you imagine what it is like to have your formative sexual experience to be force? Because I can. And I know what it does to you. You will never get to know what it is like to ease into sexuality with trust and care. You wonder if every kink you have is a result of rape. You start sex from a bad place. Sex should be a wonderful, beautiful thing. It should be about discovery, and young women are already put under so much pressure about their sexuality, and their sexual value. Add to that guilt, self doubt, self loathing and trauma, and I do think the fact she was a virgin is relevant. Just not for the reason people think.

Alright, the big issue. The police and their handling of this case (I wish to say, before I say anything else, is that not all police are bad. There are problems with the culture, but I know there are also good police who are truly horrified by this). The previous points touch on some of this, and lots has been written about the problems with the police in this case. But I wish to draw your attention to something; this behavior by the police IS NOT NEW. If you have read this blog before, you know some of my history. So let me just draw your attention to two (linked) incidents, in when the police both ignored, and aided sexual abuse. I know for a fact I am not alone in these situations, and I am by far the only woman in my situation. I will however, stick to incidents I know through and through; my own. Firstly, my own rape by a serial rapist, and secondly, Rob Gilchrist.

As you hopefully know; Rob Gilchrist was a ‘spy’. He was paid by the police to spy on lefties and gather information. Rob Gilchrist knew about Anthony, the serial rapist. He was in fact, involved in the “community action” to help deal with Anthony. He advocated NOT going to the police, and not telling the sexual violence program that some of his victims were underage (As they would tell the police). Here is a police employee, trying to make sure the police didn’t have to get involved. There is no doubt that he told the police about this, and that they did nothing. Here is something truly criminal, truly awful. The police paid someone to find out about illegal action, and when they found out something horrific, they did NOTHING. And I’m going to go out on a limb here, and assume they told Rob to make sure the police didn’t have to get involved. A big leap, perhaps. But we know he took his orders from them. And we know they didn’t want to compromise their spy, which this could have done.

And then, lets not forget, that the police paid Rob $600 a week to spy. When he, in the course of his spying, sent the police Child Fucking Pornography, of the girls he was spying on, the police not only did nothing, they didn’t tell him it was inappropriate. They accepted said CHILD PORN, and KEPT FUCKING PAYING HIM.

The police as a organization have some real fucking issues to address in regards to rape culture and their role in it. Hopefully now the eyes of the world are on them, they will take it seriously.


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