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‘NZ misandrist of the day’


Hey kids. Just a really quick post.

Yes, I am aware of this new facebook page.

Yes, I am aware of his mentioning me multiple times.

Yes, I am getting increased traffic and nasty comments.

But most importantly, I am okay.

I have had this kind of targeting before. Mainly from Neo Nazis, but from other hate groups as well. I have never met this particular person before, and don’t know what is motivated him. It may be just good old fashioned hatred. But we don’t know. The following post is written after some pretty close observation, and experience with certain kinds of mental health issues.

I have looked over the page, and yes, it is misguided and nasty. However, and this is said without knowing or ever hearing of the man running this page (in fact, the first I ever heard of him was last night), I don’t know if it is. I think he seems mentally ill, and although there is some good discussion to be had about the problematic nature of his little venture, I think we need to be a bit more cautious than some people have been. I am not saying the people commenting on his page and trolling him, or even just trying to get a genuine discussion going are wrong. But I do think we need to step back and look at the wider picture. I think by focusing on this we are letting go of wider issues. And I think he is getting increasingly distressed and in a worse mental state. Which is dangerous for ┬áhis targets and people around him.

So I’m suggesting people to take a step back until the wider motivation becomes clear. But more importantly I am am asking people to support allies and friends. To help anyone who needs it. To keep being the kick arse feminists you are.




So, what happens now?


Firstly, a HUGE shout out to the Queen of Thorns for this post. Seriously, it nearly had me in tears. I haven’t had that kind of support and understanding from many people, and never in such a public way. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

But it has been a few days, and I have to ask; what happens next? There hasn’t been much attention given to this issue on the blogsphere, in particular by male bloggers. TUMEKE! talked about the photos, but to be honest it seemed to read as titillation rather than real anger. And that is it. And I’m still angry, and serious fucking discussions still need to take place. When the fucking hell are we going to deal with the rampant sexism and misogyny in our left wing communities? How many more women are going to be mocked and beaten and broken down before we start listening and ACTUALLY talking (and, on a purely selfish note, how many more times will that woman be me)?


Why aren’t more people outraged? Is it really as simple as ‘it’s a woman who got fucked over, so who cares’? Really? How trite. How depressing.

I guess I’m still here, I’m still shouting?

My throat is sore….