Time heals all wounds?


The rape was over eleven years ago, and I am just beginning to understand I will never be over it. I will never be the person I could have been, I will always live as someone who has survived a rape. Most days I can live with that. On the days I can’t, well, I’m learning I can live through those also.

I have lived through rape (and consequently abortion). Through sexual assault. Through (state sanctioned) sexual violation. Through weekly sexual harassment. And I am SO FUCKING TIRED. I am sick of it. I am beyond it all. Sometimes I just can’t begin to understand the evil of humanity.

Rape culture exists. It exists on the left. So many people think that womens rights are too far down the list to be bothered with. That we have to deal with a few little issues for ‘the greater good’. I just want people to know that I will never care about any cause more than I care about womens rights. This post has no real point, it is not saying anything new. But I am so tired, and sometime all I want to do is just scream.

This is me screaming.



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