A thousand apologies (owed) (None received).


Today I woke up to the DELIGHTFUL news that Rob Gilchrist is suing the police for ‘Mental pain’.

When I heard this, I went into a state of shock. HIS mental pain? Aside from all the others, what about me? What about my life, which he did his best to destroy? I’ve never heard a word of regret from him.

This is where I admit more than I wanted to. I was once (ten odd years ago) a Anti Nazi activist. A good one. I put several in prison. I pissed off a LOT of people. I broke no laws, and I worked with police on occasion. So naturally, I was a threat. Gilchrist was introduced to me by people I trusted as a fellow activist, and we became friends, of some sort. Until I started getting suspicious. Details about me, including a photo, ended up on RedWatch and Stormfront. I kept fighting. Gilchrist was pressuring me to sleep with him, and when I refused, he told me I would regret it. He sent naked photos of me to both Nazis and Police. He told everyone I was a cop/nazi/whore, and most people believed him. And what hurt the most; he told people I was making up the story about Anthony raping me (I suppose one sexual predator feels kindred to another). Everyone believed him, and when I tried to warn them I thought he was a spook, they said that is what he told them I would say. I was getting harassed daily by nazis, I had to move cities, and I lost what little faith in humanity I had.

When the news broke, I expected at least a few of the people who had wronged me the most to apologize. In fact, some of them made public announcements about owing me a apology. None found me.

He was paid to spy on illegal activity. He knew all about Anthony being a serial rapist, and was in fact, closely involved. He could have used his influence with the police to do something. Instead, he sent naked photos of a 17 year old girl, along with jokes.

I highly doubt he has suffered mentally. I suspect all he misses is the power and money.  He took so much from me, to see this makes me sick.

Fuck him.


(Sorry this is not the most articulate post. I’m still very angry).


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  1. For whatever it’s worth now (and that’s probably not a lot), I am sorry for my part in listening to and believing some of his bullshit about you. I fucked up.

    • You know, it’s hard. I know how convincing he was. I get that. It was shitty, and although it is late, I thank you for the apology. I know you mean it, and I know it was a shitty situation.

  2. YOU have absolutely no reason to apologise. If anyone, ANYONE has a problem with this post, they can fucking well deal with me first.

    As a cop’s wife friend of mine said about the article, nobody forced him into this. He could have stopped at any time. From what I can tell, he was the one that approached the police in the first instance.

    All I can hope is that there is a very special place in hell reserved for this fucking ….. there isn’t a word sufficient to describe how vile he is.

    Please know, Tove, that whatever has happened in the past, right now there are a lot of people who love you dearly, who WILL stand by you, and do believe you.

    Again, just so many hugs offered.

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    • A few problems with that. One; ‘What I should do’ is a pretty bold statement. Sorry if this sounds rude, but the last thing I need is another dude telling me what to do. And secondly, I know what happens to women who try and bring actions against me, and the police. I don’t think I have the energy to be called a slut in the media, to have intimate details of my life out there under public scrutiny.

      • Well said, Tove. Draco, I do think an apology is in order. ESPECIALLY given the title of this post.

        To anyone reading this, here’s how a compassionate and helpful response reads:

        Tove, I have no words to say how sorry I am these terrible things were done by Gilchrist and others to you. I trust you to know what is best for you. And whatever you decide to do, WHATEVER it may be, it is the right thing, and I will stand by you 100%

        Any confusion over that?

        Draco – I get where you are coming from with this, but, dude, really not helpful.

  4. I can’t imagine how you held the strength in your soul long enough to get through this.

    Hope he loses and has to pay costs of the case back to the police, possibly more than what he made from them in the first place.

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