Trigger warnings are very useful things, and I wish to apologize for forgetting to place one on the previous post.

I did NOT wish to write the previous post. For all those people who have been telling me to consult other options, I have this to say. The incident I specifically wrote about happened at the beginning of April. It is now the end of September. I have not been idle. I have spoken to many MANY people. I have shouted, I have cried, I have begged. I have got no where. So I am doing this as a last resort.

The Hand Mirror have published the letter from Wellington here. I have thought about it very carefully, and will not be posting the full letter here. Not that I feel it shouldn’t be widely read and re posted, but because I am writing about my specific experiences.

I can’t and wont name the other girls involved. That is not my place. And again, I wish to write about things I have personally experienced in regards to this matter. However, I leave a open invitation to anyone who wishes to use this as a safe space to talk about their experiences, just contact me.

Threats are stupid and just get deleted/marked as spam. All things I wrote happened to me. You may not agree with the way I am going about this, but attempts at bulling just piss me off. And I’m a stubborn bitch. I will read and consider any comment made, but will monitor them closely.

You have no right or ability to judge how Omar made me feel. If you really must know, it was intimidating, terrifying and was a pretty bad trigger for me. I was damaged after the incident. I may not of had a black eye, but there were physical effects. I have a anxiety disorder, and the incident exacerbated it. I went up in my meds, and had a pretty hard time of it. Writing all this is not fun. I am not doing it for any reason other than I refuse to ignore the huge amount of sexism in leftist/ activist circles. If it was just about me, I would most likely not be bothering. But it’s not. Its about all the scared girls. The inequality. The pain and abuse. I will do everything in my power to stop this being ten years ago. I will fight for those who can’t, and for those I couldn’t save.

So there you go. A more personal post than I wished to write. If this is a problem to you, I suggest you look to your own behavior and see what is causing your offense. Is it guilt? Or do you just not think anything is wrong?



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