What should I wear?


Clothing budget is possibly the lowest down in my list of priorities. Especially with no job (does anyone want to give me job?). Most of my clothes are hand-me-downs. I have a couple dresses from Wedding Madness Month. I went to two weddings in a month, and went on a Freak Buy Dresses Binge of 2010.


What is and what is not appropriate for work? Depends on the work. But because most employers are sexist assholes… OK, I will revise that. Because most of my previous employers have been sexist assholes, I have dressed to please. I even have a set of faux pearl earrings for interviews. I happen to think that this makes me demure, but with a possibility of inner sex kitten. I think that this look has been classified as Sexy Librarian (wow, I am all out with the capitalisation today).


So, as a potential employee, I would like the feminists out there to weigh in on what I should wear for my thus-far-potential interviews. Should I dress like Clinton or Palin? This seems the Debate of the Decade. To pantsuit or not to pantsuit? Hmm…


Does it actually boil down to whether I should stick to my feminist ideals or my mortal life (job really is necessary for food, roof over head, etc)? I hope not. I feel like it is though. But what do you guys think?





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