Kiaora, I am KK. Nice to meet you, my adored, so-far non-existent, Reader. I am a BRAND NEW, SHINY, MINT CONDITION contributor to the Ivory Tower. I want to cover gender and race issues, as well as mental health ones now and then. I also have a personal blog ( that two people read (yay! I love these two people).


I am an immigrant feminist (gasp!) woman living in Aotearoa. I am also bisexual and have vested interest in mental health issues. BUT DO NOT LET THAT DISCOURAGE YOU. I am the happiest complexed person you will ever meet.


Please feel free to email me for any reason, including topics that you would be interested in reading or any events you want me to cover. I whole-heartedly welcome suggestions. And if you think I am wrong, or just plain stupid, that is something I too am working on. I want to be less wrong and less stupid, so constructive criticisms are welcome too.





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